ICT had a DICOM delivery technology using the Internet Communications Protocol (ICP) with a speed of DICOM sending less than 10 seconds per patient. Indoris technology by using the first Clouds gateway system in Indonesia, by placing a computer servers in Jakarta, Indonesia to facilitate the control and maintenance.

DICOM Delivery Technology in Indoris as follows:

10 seconds Transfer

ICT is also creating technology Devices Communication Protocol (DCP) in Indonesia for all instruments and devices Laboratory. DCP built by Indoris had to support nearly 80% of the worldwide manufacturers. In other words Indoris LIMS applications can already to be use for all Brand / Type Laboratories devices around the World.

ICT is the pioneer in Flat Panel Detector (FPD) technology with a Double Power and Hybrid Technology. FPD Indoris already started in production and will go on sale in the global market. ICT has cooperated with the Shanghai Medical Company Manufacture as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) and the Patents of the technology that have been registered in the name of IndorisPZM.
The Flat Panel Detector (FPD) technology from Indoris is used a Dual Connection system (Wireless and Wires). This technology is only used in the latest FPD type 3543AGA and 4343AGA.

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