ICT was developed on 2010. It was started with the Tele-Radiology and Tele-Medicine Business. In 2015 ICT has became officially company with concentrate in Software Development Industry and OEM Company for PZM Flat Panel Detector (FPD) in collaboration with PZ Shanghai Medical Manufacture.

PT Indoris Cipta Teknologi (ICT) is an application development company and the first provider for Tele-Radiology Clouds System in Indonesia.

ICT has certified for test and qualification for AlphaSSL and moreover it also has been been certificated of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 from The British Assessment Bureau and Accredited by UKAS.
Indoris has started to be known and used in several cities in Indonesia. Indoris is very helpful for acceleration performance of radiology services and laboratory in the hospitals and clinics.

The concentration of the products of PT. Indoris Cipta Teknologi is a manufacturer and Application Developer of Tele-Radiology and Laboratory Protocols. Those products included:

  1. Indoris Tele-Radiologi (Web-PACS)
  2. Indoris LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System)
  3. Indoris EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
  4. Indoris PZM (Hybrid Flat Panel Detector)
  5. Medical Monitor with High Resolution

PT. Indoris Cipta Technologi has a professional and innovative Human Resources. Therefore, Indoris will always developed of excellent quality with Graphic User Interface (GUI) which is very familiar. 

Indoris Info: +62 812 1944 4177

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Full details about all products and features can be found in our brochure package and available for free download.

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